Scaling and transforming your team in 5 steps
1. Co-create values & behaviors for your team for a scalable digital model

2. Sync your business strategy and your teams’ operations

3. Evolve your team's communication & leadership skills to adapt to a fast-growing & constant changing environment with agile methodologies

4. Increase the trust between teams & drive efficiency in your day-to-day business processes

5. Inspire your team to gain confidence and drive fast growth for your business
Through different methodologies, we create your customized marketing training program in an engaging environment that develops your team and business.
Natalia Kotlyarova
  • 7 years - Corporate culture transformation expert at international level: values, behaviors, higher purpose (based on science of happiness)

  • 10 years - Team coach and facilitator of strategic sessions & team synchronization sessions (team trust, leadership skills, efficiency, motivation, vitality)

  • 11 years - Business trainer in communication & public speaking/ pitching. Coach for startups (prepared over 720+ startups for investor pitching)
Worked in: PwC, Groupon, Delivering Happiness
Roles: COO, management consultant & executive coach at international level