E-commerce trainings
  • Based on real E-commerce & Digital expertise

  • Case-study approach with the appropriate industry benchmarks

  • Tailored approach that aligns with your business

  • Remote and onsite training sessions across Europe, in English
Our trainings include detailed Action Plans that are defined and implemented with your team, onsite or remotely.
We did it for:
Mystery shopping that boosts your customer’s experience
  • We research the company’s customer strategy and define its goals

  • We outline the Omnichannel Customer Journey and benchmark your journey with 2-3 competitors using our unique 12-steps methodology

  • We identify and describe gaps in CJM (Customer Journey Map): both online & offline

  • We develop action plan with concrete steps to improve CJM and KPIs of each step in CJM

  • We customize it to the companies’ strategy, gain alignment and implement the action plan

  • Follow up on action plan to optimize and further develop a winning strategy.
Our mystery shopping helps to identify gaps in your current CJM and boosts your omnichannel customer experience and your KPI’s.
We did it for:
Digital and brand marketing consulting
  • We research the competitive landscape, barriers and provide valuable insights

  • We facilitate brand workshops with the aim to define your unique selling proposition, reasons to believe, brand attributes and ensure proper brand positioning for your product or service.

  • We create tailored communication strategy based on defined brand positioning.

  • We develop a KPI driven marketing plan that highlights key channels with sales funnel strategy

  • We draft your optimal marketing budget and it’s KPIs

  • We evaluate and work with your existing marketing team or create your dream marketing team structure and hire people for your existing business needs
You have solid marketing strategy backed up by marketing budget, KPIs and team structure.
We did it for:
CRM consulting and LTV management
  • We analyze your current funnel, customer database, repurchase rates, LTV (lifetime value) and other key CRM KPIs

  • We define your optimal segmentation approach

  • We optimize your current funnel and build your customized CRM journey based on segments by sales channels.

  • We define key KPIs and customer segments for existing CRM teams

  • We optimize your CRM tech stack to fit your business needs

  • Ongoing consulting and training sessions that ensure the continuous optimization of your CRM and LTV strategy

You have actionable CRM strategy based on segmented approach and detailed action plan with KPIs for your team to improve your LTV.
We did it for:
Tech stack development: niche marketplace and e-commerce platform
We are owners of – our licensed E-commerce software platform, that allows you to launch your customized marketplace and online webstore